Marketing Innovation award winner!

September 16, 2022

What can give you a distinct competitive advantage in EMEA, APAC and other regions?

The technology we use is so innovative that we won the "Best Use of Marketing Technology Award" by the Financial Services Forum.

You know how challenging it can be dealing with multiple languages.

But what if you could give your presenters the ‘gift of tongues’ and turn them into polyglots who can speak in multiple languages?

We can now offer game-changing AI technologies that put words of any language into the mouths of your presenters with a perfect lip-sync. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this link!


There is no better way to engage with customers in local markets than to speak to them in their own language. 

A non-native English speaker may be fluent in the language, but they may still be flattered to hear speakers talk in their mother tongue. 

The production methods by which financial communications, videos and podcasts are re-versioned into other languages have not changed in decades.

The relatively recent emergence of “Deepfake” videos - believable computerised visual representations of well-known people and, more recently, their voices - , prompted us to explore if the root technology could be adapted in a responsible way.Right now, giant leaps are being made in the development of transcription using speech recognition, neural language translation and AI voice technologies. The technology is already generations ahead of Stephen Hawking’s computerised voice. Voiceover artists are no longer strictly required! Now you can easily turn documents into podcasts.

The AI voice generation process is quick and does not require a voiceover artist to be scheduled in a studio.

We are probably some years ahead of the curve right now delivering content in this way. Viewers say they have never seen anything like this before in financial services. This type of language technology continues to develop and will eventually become commonplace.

If you want to get right in there and make things happen, please do get in touch now.

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